Adding users from LDAP

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is, as the name implies, a lightweight client-server protocol that email servers, software and network appliances can use to connect to, and look up information from, a directory service. For example, LDAP can be used to look up information from Microsoft Active Directory. For […]

Configuring BCC Mail Incoming/Outgoing

Using the events system, the domain administrator can blind carbon copy (BCC) a user’s incoming/outgoing messages to another email account. This ability is useful for both archiving and monitoring purposes. Follow these steps to automatically BCC all of a user’s incoming messages:- Log in to Webmail. 2. Click the Setting. […]

Creating New Calendar Appointments

It’s very easy to create a new calendar appointment in ENTP Mail: Tap the New button, Click on the New (+) icon and select Appointment, or Tap on the day/time you want to create the event in your calendar. Alternatively, you can tap anywhere in your calendar, then change the […]

Mailing List VS User Groups

Mailing List Mailing Lists are a great way to allow users to communicate with a number of different individuals via a single email address. For example, many companies use mailing lists to email newsletters, promotional offers, or information about product updates to subscribers. A mailing list allows people to subscribe […]

How to add multiple subscribers to a mailing list?

Adding multiple users at mailing list at one time by uploading a list of users using a .CSV file. At a bare minimum, the .csv file must contain a column named “EmailAddress“. Follow these steps to add bulk user’s in mailing list. Log in to Enterprise Email as the domain […]

How to add user’s in subscriber mailing list?

Mailing Lists are a great way to allow users to communicate with a number of different individuals via a single email address. Individuals that sign up to receive messages from the mailing lists are called subscribers. Follow these steps to add user’s in subscriber mailing list. Log in to Enterprise […]

How to set password to mailing list?

To restrict people from sending emails to a mailing list, type a password in this field.  To send emails to a mailing list that is password protected, you must add the password to the beginning of the subject line of the email, enclosed by brackets and colons. For example, if […]

How to add automatic Subject Line in mailing list?

The optional text that will appear in the subject line. For example, add a “List- ” or “Discussion -” prefix so that users know that the message is posted to an email list. Recipients can then create filters to move those messages to a specific folder or manage them in […]

How to whitelist and blacklist domain/email ids in ENTP MAIL?

                   If messages from a known or a legitimate email address are being marked as spam, you can rectify the problem by using the “Trusted Senders” feature. This feature allows you to whitelist email addresses or domains so they will bypass the spam filtering rules you have set up. Thus, […]