How to set password to mailing list?

To restrict people from sending emails to a mailing list, type a password in this field.  To send emails to a mailing list that is password protected, you must add the password to the beginning of the subject line of the email, enclosed by brackets and colons. For example, if “password” the subject line of the email would need to begin with [:password:].

Follow these steps to set the password to mailing list.

  1. Log in to Enterprise Email as the domain administrator.
  2. Expand the Domain Settings and Mailing Lists folders.
  3. Click Mailing Lists in the navigation pane.
  4. Select the Mailing list
  5. Click on Password tab and set the password while sending the mail to mailing list mentioned password on subject line [:password:]
  6. Click Save.


To reduce the number of emails mailing list subscribers receive, domain administrators can allow subscribers to sign up for digest mode or normal mode. Essentially, digest mode condenses all the messages sent to the list into a single email that is sent to subscribers on a monthly, biweekly, weekly, daily, or other defined basis. This is especially useful for very active lists or lists with a larger number of subscribers.

  • Enable digest mode – Enable this setting to view and modify the remaining Digest settings.
  • Subject – The subject line for the digest email.
  • Trigger Type – The frequency of the digest emails: Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly or Manual. If Manual is selected, digest emails will only be sent when using the Send Digest button.
  • Digest Format – The format (HTML, text, etc.) in which digest emails are sent.
  • Disable non-text attachments in digest – Select this option to remove non-text attachments from the digest email.
  • Send Digest – Allows an administrator the ability to send the Digest manually.

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