Mailing List VS User Groups

Mailing List

Mailing Lists are a great way to allow users to communicate with a number of different individuals via a single email address. For example, many companies use mailing lists to email newsletters, promotional offers, or information about product updates to subscribers. A mailing list allows people to subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, email communications. In addition, mailing lists can be public or private, be replied to by all users or managed by a single list moderator and more.

Using a mailing list is as simple as sending a standard email: the allowed posters simply send an email to the list address, which takes the form of the list name appended to the domain name. For example, if you create a mailing list called “newsletter” you send a message to If there are other requirements, such as a password, etc. those need to be taken into account as well.

By default, when a subscriber reads a mailing list message, the From field in the subscriber’s inbox will display the email address of the individual that sent the mailing list message; the To field will display the list name or mailing list email address; and the Reply To field will display the mailing list email address or the email address of the individual that sent the message, depending on the list settings.

User Group

User groups are used within the webmail client to give permissions to specific subsets of users on the domain to access shared resources. For example, if a business wanted to make it easy for members of its sales department to share their calendars with other team members, the domain administrator would create a user group for all the sales department employees.

By default, there are permanent user groups that cannot be edited:

Everyone – All users on the domain belong to this group automatically.
Administrators – All users that are marked as domain administrators for this domain belong to this group.

To view the user groups for the domain, log in to ENTP Mail as a Domain Administrator and click on the Domain Settings icon. Then click on Accounts in the navigation pane and select the User Groups tab.

To create a user group, click the New User Group button on the User Groups card. To edit an existing user group, simply click on its corresponding entry. A modal window will pop up with the
following options:

Name – The friendly name of the user group.
User – The individual users you want to add to the user group. Start typing the username and it will be displayed. Simply select it to add it to the User Group. Note: Alisases can not be added to a User

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